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Vaudeville Cabaret

The Vivid Angel became the Twisted Cabaret Crown Winner at the World Burlesque Games.

Vivid Angel is Freakshow Royalty! With her Staple show Vaudeville Freakshow, she open up for Rock Royalty "Alice Copper" at London's Round House. She also entertained "Roger Taylor" and friend at his Birthday Party. These acts have also been performed at the leading Festivals of England and Europe, Download Festival, Reading Fest, Leeds's Festival,  Soniphere Fest, Totthem fest, Lovebox, DanceVally.

The Vaudeville Freak Show

This piece has a Vaudeville feel to it all; if it’s from the Fantastic sound track that she playbacks to ore to the Glittery Victorian Costume she wears on stage. There is a real Comical delivery to this Show that will have you stitches! But for the stunts that she performs Blockhead, Human Ashtray  Fire Eating, Eye-hooks and many more, these stunts sure will knock your socks off!


Super Pussy

The Twisted Cabaret Crown Winning show

at the World Burlesque Games!


Our Super Heroin is lonely and heart broken and has been left be hind by her former lover. So she gets drunk and sing’s her song, that she may find her hero! Dreaming and masturbating she sees her Super hero fly in her room. Could he be her true hero?Can he give Super her what

She needs?


The All Tease Show

This Show is really Fun and a real Laugh to whoever has seen it. The Show starts with a classic Balloon Strip, where the Balloons get popped with her hat pin. She will pull out an audience member to perform her strip for him or her.

She will feed them whipped cream off her legs and bum, she will tie them up with her Stocking's, what could happen next?!


Burlington Bertie

This is Vivid Angel Drag King Act Burlington Bertie from Bow, It a Music hall Piece from 1915.

 Bertie's pretensions to gentility are belied by his residence in Bow, in the poverty-stricken East End of London, though his status as an idler ironically links him to the aristocratic leisure class, who reside in the West End.

This is a comedy parody on the wonderful Mr. Cellophane song, this lip sink piece is performed with a lot of sadness and real heart and even the crowed will have to join in the cellophane that might get all twisted up with him!

Mr. Cellophane
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