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Performance Art

She began her Stage Career with her love of performance art. She got her break in the Amsterdam Art and Fetish Scene. It's the place where she hit's on gritty subjects in her show's, if it's Suffering for Art, Bulling, Pain or playing out her inner Demons, these shows have grabbed many by the gusts and left them wanting for more.  

Torture Garden as worked for many years now with Vivid Angel, which made her a TG Legend.  Club's around the world flown her around the world to get to work with her. De Roxy, Wasteland party, Bitch Party, The IT, TG Japan, Club Ritual, Club Rub, fetish Factory, Double R Club, Proud Camden and the Supper Club to mention but a few.

The Ritual of Blackstar


This Show is a Surreal and Ritualistic performance piece, where its about the 3 stages of transformation, first stage is the on folding of human from. She burning the old testament and takes in the new life by piecing her with the roses of live. Second stage where she shads her layer and she is the high priested now, drinking of the dead she gets high and pleasures her self with the devils Horn. She find the way to total enlightenment, as the leaves the old world of darkness into the 3 eye enlightenment.


Art Noir


This is a art house performance, where Vivid Angel make a her painting on stage. By using needles true her skin and using her body parts to the great her live painting, this is a wonderful disturbing show piece and Not for the faint hearted!

a favourite for Supper Club Chain.


Black Tea



This Diva is having her Flaming Dinner and after this Hot Dish, she Desirers her Tea. And not just any  tea, but the blackest of Tea's. She Long to drink it, it exsited her in every way. But as she drinks her tea she becomes manic, cause she is starting to run low! Where to get more, only one way to go and that is to go low.........



Fallen Angel

This is a Surreal piece, its a Angel how has fallen down from heaven and is angry with God. As she moves around she leaves black footprints on the floor, finding a bible on the floor which go’s up in flames and gets torn in to burning pieces. Injecting her self with the Holy Syringe and blessing the grounds she walk on. She tear her self up so hard the feathers flying every where, She shine's her holy light.



Party Monster

Party Girl come out to play and feeds her self and the her public some fun pills, starting to get high she of with a big bag of white powered. She snorts big amounts of lines and drinks Champaign! Falling all over the place she find's a knife and go's on a killing spree...?!

This performance is based on the true story of the New York's Club Kids form by Michael Alig the early 1990, which theme for live was Money, Susses, Fame and Glamour! And Death?!


Sex Shange

This Twisted Diva, is one hot number. She loves her fire and her knife, as her knife go's on a wonder and cuts her hair. And cuts all over her body and will it end with a funny little tale... in the end?

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