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  Burlesque Shows

For the last 9 years The Vivid Angel as strutting her stuff around the Burlesque scene.

She has been a headliner at the London Burlesque festival for the last 6 years and she raptly became successful with many other Burlesque Events how have rebooked her year after year. Clubs as: Wetspot, Burlesque Freakout, Burlesque Circus, Venice Burlesque,  Proud Brighton and London, House of Burlesque, Amsterdam Burlesque Festival, Burlesque Ally,  Scarlet Burlesque, Sublime Boudoir, Club Micca, Velvet Burlesque, Bluestocking Louge.

Pink Wings!

This little fairy as woken up from her long winter sleep, but she is finding it very hard to wake up!

She takes some of her magic fairy dust and she starts spreading her wings, but she can’t fly at all. So she strip her garments off, so she can really spreading her wings and light up her way to the sky’s and spread her magic.


My Big Heart

When this Little Heartthrob walk's out in her Sunday nest and she is just so full of love that she shinens out of over her! She Undress her self  from the heat and then her Gaint Heart pop out! She dances full off  joy with her heart, teases her crowd. She give her heart to the one

and before she know she faints a away on her chair.



Chicago baby!

A lonely little Flapper Girl is sitting a long the road, trying to hitch’s a ride to the big city of Chicago! But so fare not much luck for her, she starts to tease the on coming automobiles by slowly bit-by-bit undressing her self and ends up doing a fan dance with her cardboard’s to get that ride to Chicago Baby!




Mata Hari on Fire

As She dances on to the ritualistic music,  Dressed in a replica Costume as the real Mata Hari Costume once worn her self.  Which is heavily Bejewelled and shin's and sparkles under the stage lights. The dance that is being performed is the fire dance to the Goddess Kali. This wonderful tribute piece is combine with a fire show to bring the show to it's climax! 


7 Veil's

This Show tell’s the story of Salome, how she find’s her self bounded by the Layers of veils around her body, has she slowly comes to life by slow and sensual movements, she seduces you in to her veiled dreams. Then she lets the layers shed off her body, bring it all to a high climactic dance frenzy, finding her self left dressed only in her jewellery.

Fire Lover

Fire Lover is one hot little number, She is smoking hot and for her it can't get hot enough for her.  She Dances on to the stage and smokes her cigarette, she put it out on her tong just to heat up.  She then light up her fire sticks. Stripping her dress of and eats all the fire and Strokes her body with the hot flames.

Pin's And Tease Show

She Hypnotises you with her dance moves, whilst slowly removing piercing needles from her body, which then makes her costume fall of her to reveal her near naked body to you. Then the show take you on to the next level, by piercing herself with Diamond Needles and then showering her self in clouds of Glitter to end this Showpiece!



Widow's Last Dance

This is a wonderful dark Burlesque piece, the Widow shows her last respects to her past away husband. She longs so to be with him again, she takes a deadly Poisson and go's in to a slow treasing  dance for him one more time. As she strips off her garments and takes the roses pierce them in to her heart. She end's her dance, on her black wings fly ing to her own beautiful death.


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