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Acting Resume

 The Vivid Angel / Lisett Jansen also enjoyed acting in Commercials, Video, Movie and Teather productions, she got to working along side with lager cast's of Actor's and Directors. She done appearance for music video's for artist as, Gitane Demone, DJ Paul Elstak, Gotcha and Valeriya. These are some of the Production Vivid Angel/Lisett Jansen as worked on as Lead or Extra with in these productions. 


Vivid Angel / Lisett Jansen was part of the SKILLS ENSEMBLE for Cosi Fan Tutte 2014

with Improbable collaboration with ENO

A co-production with the Metropolitan Opera, New York


Vivid Angel/Lisett Jansen was Cast for playing the flowing characters;

Bunny Girl, Double Gender freak, Barmaid, Carny, Showgirl Twins.


 Stuns Performed in the show:

Fire Eating, Block head, Eye Hooks 


Così fan Tutte creative team:

Conductor:Ryan Wigglesworth

Director: Phelim McDermott

Set Designer: Tom Pye

Costume Designer: Laura Hopkins

Lighting Designer: Paule Constable 



A live horror movie experience combining theatre, film, dance, performance art, bands and a very sick sense of humour. Welcome to the bizzare world of Dr. Marcusi and his travelling collection of grotesque creatures and freakish performers!


Guest Star: The Vivid Angel/Lisett Jansen as the Dr’s unwilling assistant and palying the roll of the Victorian Madam in the Short Movie.

Directed by Massimo Marinoni.

 2007 at The Forum, Kentish Town, London



 Doctor Faustus

 Play by Christopher Marlowe, based on the German story Faust, in which a man sells his soul to the devil for power, experience, pleasure and knowledge.


 Vivid Angel/Lisett Jansen played the Part of Mephistopheles


2003 one of Performance at Mass London


directed by Duncan Morris.




Last The Last Minute, Which is a British urban gothic film,


Vivid Angel was asked to play two carters one was a Nurse and the other part was of club kid in Night club scene in the movie. written and directed by Stephen Norrington.


 directed Stephen Norrington said:

Vivid Angel/Lisett Jansen was very good actress and he was very pleased with her performance in the movie.



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