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The Vivid Angel is the Queen of Alternative Performance and the Ultimate Showgirl! 
Bizarre magazine. 

The Vivid Angel is Wonderful Red Carpet  "Entertainment"

The Sun Newspaper 

The Vivid Angel is Freak show Royalty!

Time out London. 

the Vivid Angel, the avant-garde entertainer that captivate the crowds.

Red Carpet Magazine 

the Vivid Angel, Hard as Nails

Evening Standard  

I loved the vaudeville comedy element. She was always smiling and we where having such a good time. Alice Cooper.


She is a the All-Star 


Revue Magazine


Eye-popping entertainment by the Vivid Angel

Time Out Amsterdam



For two dedicates she has amazed audiences around the world, with her multi-talented stage persona and has performed for a multitude of industries from modelling at cutting edge fashion shows and appearing in catalogues.

Rock stars Alice Cooper and Roger Taylor have work with her on their events. Corporate giants as BMW, Microsoft, Playstation and Smirnoff, have re-booked her  time and again for their parties. 

The Vivid Angel is a avant-garde entertainer extraordinaire. She is the vaudeville freak show diva, a burlesque honey, lover of fire & cabaret chanteuse. Of varied and eclectic skills, Vivid Angel is a extremely versatile performer with undeniably engaging stage presence and equally vivid charisma.


She is winner of the Twisted Cabaret Crown at the World Burlesque Games 2014. This all-round star performer delivers spectacular shows from the disturbed to the beautiful and elegant. Her global travels have also landed her in world wide magazines, radio stations and television programs who have all documented this unique performer’s abilities with curiosity and admiration in equal doses.

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