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24 years working with Torture Garden.

Tonight is probably my last Torture Garden Ever and I am feeling a little bit emotional about it, after 24 years working with David Wood and Allen Pellingand the lovely Charlotte Heti. I have not worked with any other club for so long as with these guys, we been doing event all of the UK and Europe and Japan. So many memories and great adventure, places, artists, clubs, shows and stages!!! But my first TG event I did for them will always stay with me the most, it was in a club called the Paradise Club in Angel. The hole night just blow me away, with its setting, music and shows and now of 24 years I will go back to Angel and close it off. Thank you guys for all the years of believing in my shows and me as a human being! I love you guys and tonight I will kill it once more......

Vivid Angel's frist TG back in 1993

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