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 New Projects

Vivid Angel is taking new steps in her carer, after working with English National Opera last year, where she learned so much about Theatre productions. She is ready to create her first Performance Art Teather Show, she will be working with two of the best and long standing art house performers form Europe, DarkRaum and Reverso. This piece will hit on how Humanity deals with daily ups and downs in life and how to over come it's dark sides of life. By using the media of Performance art, Video, Music and Word. But as all Project, they need funding, if you are interested to fund this ground breaking show, please mail us for more details. 
She is also working on her book which is  based on her career and her personal life, running title "Glitter, Glamour and Rock and Roll".
The other book she is working on is a dedication to long time close friend Crazy White Sean, how sadly passed away last year.
These books are in need of publicising if you have any information or advise, we love to hear from you!  
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